What Makes Us Better


FEATURE WEBFETCH Manual Field Collection Manual Web Collection Competitor 1 Competitor 2
Endorsed by 9 out of 10 Resellers check x x x x
Speed check x x* check check
Accuracy check x x* x x
Know Your Business check check check x x
USA Owned check ? ? x x
Cost check x**      
* Web-site security will kick-off users after specified time periods & will not allow zip code changes
** By far the highest cost. A 10 person field team making 60K and taking 10% of their time to complete price shops costs a company close to 100K in salary and benefits while WEBFETCH can provide 100,000 price shops starting at 5K annually.


Client 1 has an outside company perform a price survey over a 6 month period, and charges them $26K. This same effort with web-fetch would have cost 5K, and they would have an additional 50,000 price shops left over. This shop could have been complete in less than 1 week with WEBFETCH.